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The real reason people rent middle-aged men in Japan
By Susan Scutti and Yoko Wakatsuki, CNN

“Unless you have interesting input coming into you all the time, you will psychologically die.””You learn by seeing through other people’s eyes.””People live too seriously, and that kind of narrows down their vision.”These thoughts have not been generated by an algorithm or crowdsourced on Twitter. They are the accumulated wisdom of a middle-aged man in Japan.A middle-aged man who’s available for rent.Wearing a shirt with a miniature panda bear print and smiling inscrutably, Ken Sasaki, 48, has a vibe that is anything but that of a disgruntled middle-aged Tokyo man.

With gray hair, visible lines on his face and loss of youthful slimness, he is more like a free-spirited bohemian in a strange disguise.Throughout an hourlong Skype interview, in which comments are tediously ferried back and forth through an interpreter, his energy and enthusiasm never flag, and his answers grow more expressive and thoughtful with each question.It’s all part of his job as a rented “ossan,” the Japanese word for a middle-aged man.He allows himself to be hired by anyone, for nearly any purpose — not involving physical contact — as long as they pay his hourly wage: a mere 1,000 yen (about US $9). And he loves it.

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Dịch vụ cho thuê đàn ông trung niên hút khách ở Nhật

Những người đàn ông trung niên hoặc cao tuổi giàu kinh nghiệm, kỹ năng sống, được khách hàng lựa chọn để trò chuyện và tư vấn.

Hideki Nakahara, 66 tuổi, là người có kinh nghiệm lâu năm trong lĩnh vực nhân sự. Ông tốt nghiệp ngành xã hội học giáo dục của Đại học Kyoto, công tác 38 năm trong lĩnh vực thị trường việc làm, trong đó có 34 năm làm cho Japan Airlines, theo Japan Times.

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